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Hemant Thakur

Hi, I am Hemant Thakur, currently residing in chandigarh, India. I am an ardent PHP and JAVA programmer. I am passionate about Shell Scripting, Programming, Web design, Photoshop and everything related. I have an insatiable craving for deep knowledge of different Operating System.

I put a lot of effort into what I do. I am a Problem-solver with the ability to adapt to the company's needs. I enjoy working with the people who are professional in their approach. I am Committed to going the extra mile, spontaneous and a person always with a smile 😃.

When time permits, I like to write tech blog or like to play with Bootstrap Themes and keep my skills fresh.

March 25, 1991

Hands-on With

I have skilled in many areas of design and development. Some of my skills include:

Programming Skills






Other Skills


Eucalyptus Cloud

Cloud Computing



Agile Methodology


Professional Experience and Achievements

Year 2016
  • Team Leader
  • Leads the team at GCS Pvt Ltd. with great passion and detailed eye.
  • - Present

  • Developed Online Solution For MSME(Govt. Of Harayana)
  • Developed the on-line solution for th Department of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Haryana.
  • 2016

  • Single Windows Clearance System
  • Leading team for the Single Windows Clearance System (Digital India) of Uttarakhand Govt.
  • - 2016

  • BNEA(Bangladesh National Enterprise Architecture)
  • Developing a web application portal for Bangladesh National Enterprise Architecture (BNEA) that Contains Architecture Principles, Standards, Guidelines, Specifications, Maturity Tool, Sample Architecture Diagrams Which Can Be Leveraged By Government Ministries To Develop Their Own IT Roadmaps And Design Enterprise Architecture
  • 2016

Year 2014-15
  • Single Window Clearance System
  • Designed and developed web application and REST API for SWCS of Chhatisgarh Govt.
  • - 2015

  • Co-Founded DSDInfosec
  • Co-founded DSDInfosec with a vision to provide Better Security and create value and make a difference in the field of the Information Security.
  • 2014-2015

  • Product Engineering
  • Led the engineering team at DSDInfosec with sharp eyes on every technical details.
  • 2014 - 2015

  • Product Development
  • Developed a high performance UTM device which is the heart of company's core product offering. Also, I was responsible for carrying out all the company's development and operations activities.
  • 2014-2015

  • Web FrontEnd Designer
  • Developed the front end for a web application at DSDInfosec in HTML5/CSS3 using Bootstrap framework.
  • 2014 - 2015

Year 2013-14
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Set up Eucalyptus Private cloud during one year Internship in cloud computing at HARTRON(Govt. Of Haryana.).
  • -2014

  • Silver Medalist in B.tech - Computer Science
  • Received scholarship and a silver medal for securing second position in Baddi university.
  • -2014

  • Auto Discovery of N/W Topology in Cloud
  • Developed an application that automatically discover the Network Tology of the Cloud during one year Internship in cloud computing at HARTRON(Govt. Of Haryana.).
  • -2014

Year 2013
  • Mail Server
  • Set up Open Source Mail Server during one year Internship in cloud computing at HARTRON(Govt. Of Haryana.).
  • -2013

  • Network Monitoring
  • Set up Network Monitoring by customizing Nagios and developed a plugin that monitor the system Physical Memory, Hard Drive Space and CPU performance.
  • -2013

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